…to my dark corner of the internet. I’m Kimberley Crawford (in case you hadn’t noticed my name scrawled across the top of this page in bold black letters), and this is my little hobbit hole home where I will be posting my writing – although at times I will also share artwork or photography if it somehow relates to a story I’m writing or have written. I write fiction the majority of the time, and it’s usually dark and morbid with a dash of cute and lovey things. My taste in stories is a little odd, and so my writing reflects my strange preferences.

Be warned, if you get squeamish from blood and violence, this is not a place for you. Turnaround and go back the way you came. There’s nothing for you here. Same goes for those of you who are afraid of a little sweaty person on person sexual contact. There’s some of that here as well. Or a lot in some cases. And a fair amount of BDSM mixed in for good measure. Basically what I’m saying is that if you have a weak stomach, you should probably just leave. Go find someone who writes about bunnies and kittens and cotton candy and butterflies and love and all that other warm and fuzzy crap.

To whoever is still here: I hope you enjoy the content I have to offer! I’ll post short stories whenever I can find some time to write some, as well as some excerpts from the two novels I’m currently working on. I’ll probably also write random posts about how my novels are coming along, and you will slowly meet all of the main characters in said novels.

On that note, I have some other writing to do. Cheers!


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