I’m a terrible writer!

Or, more specifically, I’m terrible and keeping this blog up to date when I have a million things on the go. That’s going to change, though, as my life just became much less stressful. Here’s the deal: In the last two weeks, both my boyfriend and I quit our jobs, which we have been at for 7 and 6 years respectively. Stupid move? Probably. Are we excited to get away from our psycho masochistic boss? Extremely. So, for the last two weeks, we have been busy trying to get our lives in order to finally move on to bigger and better things. Well, mostly better, not so much bigger. But still!

My point is, I will now have plenty more time to write and keep this blog up to date with short stories and random entries like this one, as I am now a full time fashion designer (yeah, not really full time unless you consider making your living on two weeks of work a month full time). With this extra time, I will now be able to focus more on my writing than I could before when I was working for an asshole and running my own business(es). Now I’ll just be working for myself, which I admit, could be a bad thing, but seeing as bills need to be paid, I don’t have a choice but to get my ass out of bed and work even if it’s only for a few hours a day.

So, on that note, expect a new chapter for Hunted to be done and posted in the near future (hopefully by the middle of next week at the latest), and expect more frequent posts from me – and faster answers to any comments you may leave for me!

Life is now good. Commence with the writing of love and brutality and sex!

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