Art Blog

So to keep my art and writing separate but still sort of connected, I set up a blog just for my art. There are only a couple of drawings on there now, but I will be updating it quite often as I tend to at least doodle a bit almost every day. If you’re interested in checking out some of my drawings and other random creations (including a lot of art featuring characters I write about and the main characters in the main novel I’m working on at the moment), feel free to follow this link.

At some points I will add some art to this blog if it pertains to what the post is about, but for the most part, all of my art will be shared on the other blog just to keep down the clutter here.

And, here’s the link again just because I can: New art blog!

*Be warned, some art may not be appropriate for all age groups! I have a very dark mind at times, and it’s usually during those times that I tend to create more art. Prepare yourself for blood and sex and gore and probably some same sex guy on guy/girl on girl, just ’cause I’m like that. If you can’t handle it, I advise you not to follow the link.


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