Klondike Gold Rush

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, but I have good reason for that. I’ve been north for the last week, hiding away in a tent on a gold claim half an hour out of Dawson City, Yukon. A close friend of mine happens to work at the mine giving tours and helping with cleanup, so she invited me to come stay for a week and see how she spends her summers. What this means is that I haven’t had internet. Or a phone, aside from the couple hours a day I spent in Dawson to grab dinner or whatever. I haven’t been neglecting this blog, I just haven’t been able to access it for a week and a half. (On top of that, I came home to a puppy my boyfriend picked up while I was away, so the first few days I was home I was super distracted playing with the new addition to the family.)

I really didn’t get much writing done while I was away, I was too busy to sit down and focus on anything other than some doodles here and there and the photo shoots I had planned. So, since I didn’t get a chance to work on any stories, I decided that I’d tell you a bit about what I was up to while hiding away in the back country near Dawson.

©Fake Believe Photography

©Fake Believe Photography

I stayed at a gold claim about half an hour outside of Dawson. They run their own tours of the mine there, teaching people how to pan for gold and showing the processes. They also do tours of Dredge #4, which I think I did 6 times during the two days I spent at the dredge. That red head in the photo there? That’s my friend Amber, who works as a tour guide when she’s not helping with the actual mining. She’s the reason I went to Dawson at all, and she let me tag along on the tours she was doing while I was there.

Dredge #4 - ©Fake Believe Photography

Dredge #4 – ©Fake Believe Photography

Inside Dredge #4 - ©Fake Believe Photography

Inside Dredge #4 – ©Fake Believe Photography

When I wasn’t following her around at work enjoying the tours, we were exploring the area. She took me to the top of the Midnight Dome one afternoon when it was really sunny and hot to check out Dawson from above, and then we took the drive to King Solomon for an even better view of the surrounding mountains and valleys. The photos in this post do it no justice.

The view from the Dome - ©Fake Believe Photography

The view from the Dome – ©Fake Believe Photography

I will share more photos in the next half of this post (which probably won’t be very long, either, but I figure I’ll let you decide if you actually want to read about my trip or if you want to just stop now). In the next post: a fetish shoot, a night at Diamond Tooth Gerties, and a trip to Tombstone. Yep, we managed to fit a decent amount into the short trip.

If you’re curious about the mine I stayed at, you can check out Goldbottom Mine Tours here. They offer tours of their mine and the dredge, as well as cabins you can rent. Definitely worth checking out if you’re ever in the area.


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