Inspiration (Or Lack Thereof)

Do you ever have those days when you just can’t get anything down on paper no matter how hard you try? Like you’re staring at a blank .doc file for hours and nothing is happening even when you do manage to type some words? That’s how the entire month of September was for me. I didn’t write anything but emails and Facebook updates. I really just couldn’t get any writing done. I figured maybe I was trying to write the wrong thing, but even when I’d try to write something different that I thought would be more entertaining, I still couldn’t get more than a hundred words down.

Part of me feels like I just don’t have the right inspiration or something, but I know I do. I’ve got an entire book series I should be working on, and I love the story and the characters, but it’s jut not flowing the way it should be. I can’t get more than 7 or 800 words written at a time, and that’s really pushing it. And that’s far from an every day thing. That’s more like once a week. So as of right now, my books aren’t getting anywhere. It’s slightly depressing, especially when I really do want to work on them. Part of me feels like I’m doing something wrong, but I can’t pinpoint exactly what the problem might be except that maybe I just really needed a break.

I’ve tried making a totally new playlist for when I write, I’ve tried writing in silence (which I absolutely hate doing), I’ve tried switching the environment that I’m doing my writing in, I’ve tried writing flash fiction to get my creative juices flowing again, I’ve basically tried everything I could think of. At this point, I’m giving myself a set amount of words to type per day and forcing those words out of me whether it takes thirty minutes or three hours. Maybe the words will be utter shit, maybe they’ll be okay, but at least it will be something to get back into it again after such a long break.

Alright. Momentary freak out rant thing done. I hope all of you other writers out there are having better luck than I am with winter coming up and the cold months forcing everyone indoors (at least where I am). Any advice is welcome at this point, so if you’ve got some, feel free to leave it in the comments below and I’ll read them greedily later. Enjoy your weekend! Or at least what’s left of it.


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