New Years Resolutions

So… Do you have any?

It’s that time of year, are you promising yourself you’ll do things differently this year just so you can stop in a few weeks or less? I’m not saying that’s what everyone does, but that’s usually what most people do. I myself am guilty of this, so trust me, I won’t judge you. I always make a bit lost of things I want to finish by the following year and I only get to a few of them by the time December 31st rolls around.

This year I’d like to get a book done and in the publishing process, if not out there in the big scary world of novels. We’ll see if I can make that happen. Fingers crossed! The book I want to get out there will be an average length novel, so nothing less than 60,000 words and no more than 100,000, and that really just depends on how much is going in this first book of my series. But that’s really only one of my big goals for this year. I have a few others which include my fashion line and my photography, and I’ll still work on my art like I always do.

So really, my goals are mostly to do with my art. I’m not one of those people who goes into the new year expecting to lose tons of weight or suddenly stop eating my favourite foods. Screw that, I like chocolate too much to give it up for the world, and really, if I couldn’t eat pizza, lasagna, or hot dogs I think I’d literally go insane. And I refuse to call my yearly goals ‘resolutions’, because that word makes me cringe. I feel like if I use that word I’m doomed to fail or that I can only really make my yearly goals at this time of year if I refer to those goals by that dirty word. And it is a dirty word.

So my question for you, dear readers, if this: If you have resolutions *shudder* (please stop using this word, I beg you) for this new year, what are they and how do you plan on sticking them out? Or, if you don’t have any, why not? Feel free to share your reasoning for whatever in the comments, I’ll read them all anyway.

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