Journal Entry: September 19th, 2947 BC

Time for me to share another journal entry for you guys. This one is again from the view of my protagonist, Julian. It is from before the novels I am writing, and may be covered lightly in the story, but will not be focused on as a main plot.

September 19th, 2947 BC

I lost the twins today… The two people keeping me grounded, the only two people who really understand me. Zeva finally let them go. I feel greedy in the need I feel for them right now, in the desperation for them to hold me and comfort me and help me to deal with this captivity. I know they are so much better off now, that they can go live full lives and have children and partners, but I already miss them so much it hurts.

I wonder how much longer I can last with the mistress. She’s become angrier and more violent as of late, worse than I’ve seen her since my first year in servitude. I have tried speaking to her when she has given me permission, but she refuses to explain to me what is wrong. It is becoming increasingly more difficult to get through each day as she grows more hostile. I would fear for my life if it were actually worth anything.

We shall see how this turns out for me. As long as she does not break her promise about the twins, I will remain here in her charge until the day of my eventual death or until she sees fit to release me.


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