Goals! Christmas! Vacation time!

After a very long break (Long? Jesus, when did two weeks become a LONG break?) from writing, I’m right back at it. NaNoWriMo is finally behind me, although I’m hoping to keep a decent pace to finish my novel by end of January. My goal finish date would be sooner if not for the fact that Christmas is coming up, which means lots of random activities outside the house and a two week long trip across the country to visit family.

This could really go one of two ways for me. Either I’ll get it in me during my two week vacation to write like a madwoman and finish the book early (before the end of January), or I will get distracted visiting family and friends and get nothing, or almost nothing, written for two weeks. I’m going to go ahead and assume it will be the latter. Not that I will complain if I do get some writing done. I’m hoping for my own sake that I do manage even 10,000 words while I’m away, but I know how my family can be, and it usually means I’m fairly busy on the rare occasions when I do get to see them.

Either way, consider this my official announcement that I’m hoping to have the book done by January 31st. The first draft, anyway. After that we all know the real work begins, and I’ll be basically fucked for months trying to rewrite and fix everything I rushed through during the frantic pace of November. My own fault, but hey, it’s just a first draft. I’ll be happy just knowing that part is done. The editing, despite being a total pain in the ass, will be proof that I am finally getting somewhere with this damn thing after years of planning, drafting, and all around getting nowhere.

So! January 31st! After that I’ve got to try to find some way to get through the editing process. And if I’m lucky enough, find enough money to actually get some help with the editing process. Yay publishing. Not. In all honesty, though, I’m already looking forward to editing just to get a break from writing. But mostly to just finish the draft and not have to look at it or think about it for a few weeks. That is going to be an amazing feeling, or at least I hope so.

But hey, I’m hoping that during my trip I’ll be able to keep up with the blog and whatnot. I don’t plan on taking a break from social media while I’m away, in fact I may be even more present than normal for those two weeks. So there will still be posts when I can make them happen, and I’m even thinking about sharing a short excerpt from that damned novel I’ve been busting my ass working on. Maybe. Still not totally decided on that bit just yet, but we shall see. There will be a synopsis of it being posted fairly soon, so that might have to do until I can actually pick a part of the book to share.

That’s enough rambling for me for one night. Maybe I’ll be back again soon to talk your ear off a bit. (And yes, I know I’ve been promising a new chapter of Hunted for like, ever, and I do promise it’s coming soon. Life just keeps getting in the way every time I try to get it all done for you!)


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