The Frustration of Writing and the Lack of Time Available

Okay, so I’m feeling extremely frustrated lately. I’ve been trying so hard to make time for writing, but when I do get time, I can’t get anything done. There’s too much noise, it’s too cold, I can’t focus, I’m too tired, it’s always something. What I was hoping would be a fairly relaxing trip to visit family has turned into two weeks of getting nothing done because my family is too loud for me to focus even with earbuds in, because apparently they don’t understand that if I’m wearing earbuds, I don’t want to talk.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my family, but I was so looking forward to having time after New Years Eve to just sit and get some things done. I hoped to be able to finish my draft of the first book in my series, but that’s definitely not happening seeing as I have to hop on a plane on Saturday afternoon and will be busy all day Sunday and then back to work on Monday.

I feel like I need to completely isolate myself for a few weeks without any company and with no phone in order to actually get something done right now. I feel like the only way I’m going to get any writing done for the next couple of days is if I hide away in my bedroom here, but the only place to sit while in there is on the bed, and anytime I’m sitting on the bed trying to get any writing done, I can’t get comfortable enough to actually be productive. Not to mention I’m an insomniac and haven’t been sleeping more than a couple of hours at a time, so I’ve been tired this entire trip and therefore have an even bigger lack of motivation.

This trip is turning out to be more stressful than relaxing in ways, and I can’t wait to go home and hide away in my writing corner there and knock out a couple dozen thousand words to finish this damn draft so I can get to editing it.

I hope everyone else’s year is going better than mine so far. Hopefully I can crank my music up loud enough to drown everyone out for a few hours and get some writing done for all of you guys to read later today, be it some erotica or the next chapter of Hunted. One will be posted in the near future no matter how much I have to bleed and scream to make it happen, and it will probably be that new chapter of Hunted.

Fingers crossed!

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