Journal Entry: September 16th, 2260 BC

I know it’s been a while, but here’s a journal entry to read while I work on some other projects and blog posts for the near future. There will be plenty more of these in the future, and this one is more a teaser than anything else, so hopefully a few of my readers will enjoy it.

September 16th, 2260 BC

I met the devil today. The real thing, the one of legend. The same one I had always heard stories about in warning from mother and father. And once again I am proven wrong in my beliefs. He was nothing like what I had been warned about as a child, what I myself had warned my young Atarah against thanks to the teachings of my people.

He’s very well-spoken and kind, and so much more formal than I would have expected. Like Gabriel, he wears bright white feathered wings, gorgeous and massive and soft-looking. His eyes, although a colourless shade of grey with dark rings around them, seemed warm when he introduced himself. And his smile is intoxicating. He looks so harmless, like he would never intentionally harm anyone, although I may be completely wrong about him. I was always taught that the devil had ways of drawing people in in order to use them for his own purposes, but there was nothing threatening about this angel.

And an angel he was. No horns that I saw, no tail, nothing that set him apart from the other angels I’ve met. He seemed almost kinder, and went so far as to give me a gift upon meeting me. A gorgeous gift, gold and jewelled and unbelievably beautiful. Something that seems fit for a king, and even more beautiful than any of the jewellery I once wore in my own palace.

I currently sit at a desk in an ornate room in his own palace, the one located in the Hell of legends. This place rivals the fortress that I have been staying in since being taken by the angels, and the detail work surrounding me since my arrival has been nearly overwhelming compared to the vast chambers of the fortress of Heaven. The walls are darker, and everywhere I look there are rich shades of red, gold, black, purple, and grey. The tapestries are all detailed and amazing, candles sit on almost all of the flat surfaces, and the wall sconces are detailed beyond words. My room is warm, warmer than my room in Heaven ever gets, and the bed is softer. My room here is entirely more inviting and warm. It’s also much more decadent, which is slightly surprising to me, but a very nice change from the fairly empty room I own in the fortress.

Tomorrow I start my training with him. Tomorrow I can get to know him a little better. Lucifer Morningstar, the strange angel who seems at my first impression to be completely misunderstood, who would be my trainer for the next two hundred years. Here’s to hoping I haven’t misjudged him and he really is how he seemed to me earlier this evening.


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