Book 1 Progress February 8th, 2015

I’ve been thinking and writing and planning, and I figure it’s time to give everyone an update. It’s looking like I might have this first book of the series done and published in June! It’s been a really long time coming – really, really, really, REALLY long time – but it’s finally coming. It’s just about done, and after some more editing and polishing up it’ll be ready (as ready as it’s going to be) for the masses.

When I do publish, it’s going to be mainly in ebook format, although I’ll have it available as a print book as well for anyone who might be interested. I realize most people don’t really buy print books anymore, especially from an author they don’t really know, so i won’t ask anyone to spend that much money. 😉

If there are any editors out there who might be interested in helping me out for a really awesome rate for super poor people, feel free to get in touch! Hint hint, haha. But in all seriousness, I’ve been busting my ass trying to get this thing done, all while still cleaning toilets for a living, which is why I’m SOOOOO behind on Hunted. My main focus has been the series for months now, and as much as I do love working on the smaller projects, I really just want to get this book done so I can take a break and work on some other things and get the second book figured out a little better.

The point is, I’m hoping to have this thing out there in the world this coming June, hopefully in the first half of the month. I don’t have a date set just yet, but as soon as I’ve got it worked out I’ll post it here on the site.

For anyone who wants to find out more about what I’m writing, I’ll be posting the first chapter of the book in the future along with the full page synopsis and all that fun stuff. You’ll know soon what I’m writing, I just want to get more of it done before I let on just what it is. There will be cover art and character sketches and more character introductions for the guys who will be in this first book. You just have to wait a bit longer for more of it.

That’s it for me tonight, I’m off to keep writing and story boarding.

Cheers! Kimberley


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