Journal Entry: March 3rd, 3052 BC

It’s time for another journal entry, this time from my main protagonist, Julian. I realize that a lot of these entries make no sense, and I am not posting them in order. Why? Because these are just to help people get an idea of who my characters are without giving away too much about the novels themselves. I will eventually put all of these in order and organize them according to whose perspective they are written from, but for now they can be read sporadically as I post them. Trust me when I say that they will all make sense in the future.

March 3rd, 3052 BC

Livia brought me something today. It’s small and very pretty. Just a small container, large enough to hold maybe a few finger rings or some other small thing, but small enough to carry. It had nothing in it, but the thought of being given a gift is already a very grand gesture for a human woman to show toward a demon.

This little trinket box is silver with gorgeous designs carved into it and a completely removable lid. The tiny pattern looks like lions and leaves, and on the top there is a single small red stone, possibly a garnet.

I did ask her why she gave it to me, but the only answer she gave was that she saw it and thought of me. I’m not sure how it could possibly have made her think of me, but it’s an amazing gift nonetheless. I just wish I had something to give her in return. I have no possessions, and I haven’t for a long time. Although, maybe I can paint something for her if she has the right supplies here somewhere. I will ask about that tomorrow if she is not busy all day in town. It’s been forever since I’ve painted anything at all, but it would give me something to do. I’ve already read almost all of the books she has in this place, so maybe it’s the best thing for me to do. She does, after all, deserve so much more than that for everything she has done for me since finding me.

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