Late Night Ramblings

Today has been such a weird day for me… My mind has been wandering all day, and yet now that I sit here considering going to sleep, I can’t really remember most of the day. I worked, I watched some TV, I went for a hike… And I’m currently trying to get some words written. But I feel like my mind has been completely empty all day, like I’ve done nothing important or productive at all today. I’m not even sure if that’s true or if I’m just so tired or sick that I’m just not retaining anything at the moment.

I’m hoping to get some more writing done tonight before I do sleep, but as it stands I’ve written a total of 200 words aside from this blog post. Maybe I just need to write some random shit like this post or a list or something to get warmed up? Just feeling really off…  Hopefully tomorrow is better after I get a good night of sleep and some much needed cuddles. Maybe tomorrow my mind will be less clouded and more productive so that I can get some more projects finished up.

Until then, goodnight to any of my readers who might be reading this at this late hour. Sweet dreams, readers, I know I will be dreaming soon.


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