Journal Entry: May 15th, 2731 BC

Time for another journal entry from my Phoenix. Again I will reassure you that it will make so much more sense once the books are all finished up. Until then, enjoy the random little entries that I share so that you can get to know my boys a little before their stories are actually released.

May 15th, 2731 BC

Today wasn’t nearly as bad as most. He was gone all day, and despite having shackles between my wrists and ankles, I was free to roam his chambers as I pleased. Not so easy when I am still sore from yesterday, but I did slowly make my way around the room and find some books to look through. The language was unfamiliar to me, and despite the art that was scattered throughout the pages, few of the books held much interest.

There was one that I did find more interesting. A small leather bound thing, much like this journal, and filled with nothing but small charcoal sketches. The artwork was incredible to look at, the work of a true master. Portraits of people I don’t recognize and doodles of flowers and landscapes. With a little colour added to them, maybe recreated on a larger scale, they would make for amazing wall art for someone.

I couldn’t find any notes or signatures anywhere in the book, so I am not sure who created the little masterpieces, but I can venture a guess that it might be the work of Michael himself that he chooses to keep hidden from any who might find it beautiful. He seems to hide any evidence of any normalcy so that no one can see anything but the hard facade he presents.

No one can be completely hardened all the way through, though… Right?


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