What inspires you?

With the beginning of April’s Camp NaNoWriMo almost upon us, I’m posing a question to my readers.

Where do you draw your inspiration from? Music? Movies? Books? Do you have a certain scared routine for when you’re about to jot down notes, or do you just randomly have ideas pop into your head? I guess the better question is what inspires you?

For me, it could be anything, but music plays a huge part in any inspiration I get. Everyday situations, movies, everything does have it’s own little bits and pieces that I can use, but music has always been an escape for me to just get lost in the storyline of a new story idea. It’s not even a particular type or genre, just music in general. If there’s emotion in it, it tends to work.

I’ve written complete short stories based on a single song because there was so much to it. This was something my high school English teacher got me into the habit of doing. He would turn out the lights in the classroom so that only the natural light from outside lit the room, turn on a song, and tell us to write down quick notes of whatever came to mind. It didn’t matter what it was, just jot down whatever popped into our heads.

It made for some really entertaining short stories from some of my classmates, but it also turned out to be my absolute favourite way to get a short story going. With the notes we jotted down – and he would play several songs so that we would end up with several short story ideas to roll with – we would have to write a short story and hand it in the next day. Some of my favourite short stories from my entire high school career were conceptualized and written this way.

Listening to music is still almost crucial for me to get any writing done. I use playlists for my novels to set the mood, I hunt for new music to help me figure out what a character is like or how they should feel. Music is my main inspiration for my writing.

So how do you get inspired?


3 thoughts on “What inspires you?

    • kimberleymc says:

      I can agree with you completely on that one. I’m living in a place where we get amazing colours for weeks every September before the snow falls, and that’s the time of year I always feel the most inspired and want to be outside more. 🙂

  1. controversialcook says:

    Everybody draws inspiration from different things. In my case it’s often images that I draw or that I see that give me inspiration for books. As for music since I’m also a musician by listening to other people’s music and playing. When I first learnt music I was lucky to be in a class that was playing blues where we had to go solo and that inspired me to improvise and create new pieces.

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