Playlist: April 2015

To kick off Camp NaNoWriMo’s April session, I’ve decided that (also in lieu of my post about inspiration yesterday), I’d share with all of you some of the music that’s been inspiring me. These are songs that relate to the first book in my series in some way, be it the mood, the lyrics, or otherwise. Keep in mind, my playlist for the series itself is over 600 songs long, and it’s more just the songs that I tend to not skip over very often. I’m only going to share a few with you for now, as I may write up a different one to share with you all every month.

I’m not going to explain the inspiration for any of these, but maybe you can find your own inspiration if you listen to them. I’ve included links to the videos on YouTube so that you can just click straight through if you want to check it out for yourself.

1. Nothing More – God Went North

2. Egypt Central – Backfire

3. Chiodos – I’m Awkward and Unusual

4. The Human Abstract – This World is a Tomb

5. In This Moment – Blood

6. Jewel – Who Will Save Your Soul

7. Our Last Night – Fate

8. P!nk – Are We All We Are

9. R.E.M. – Losing My Religion

10. Sarah McLachlan – Building a Mystery

I realize how scattered this playlist is and how the genres don’t match. Don’t judge me! These are just the songs that I’m finding inspiring for this book at the moment. You don’t have to like all of them. You don’t have to like any of them. I do, though, and every one of these songs has helped me in some way. Truth is, I listen to a lot of different types of music, and everything gets thrown into one playlist, so it’s normal for me to listen to something like Sarah McLachlan immediately after something as heavy as In This Moment. Deal with it.

I do, however, recommend you check out some of these songs if you, like me, do enjoy a lot of genres. I may be posting 10 songs at the beginning of every month from here on out, so I’ll be sharing some of my favourite artists and songs for writing in the future as well. Sharing music is one of those things I’ve always done, so it only seemed appropriate to share with my readers the music that I find inspiring at the moment, seeing as I know I’ve mentioned it in previous posts and it’s such a huge thing for me.

Hopefully you will find something you like in this short list, and if not, maybe you will next time. 🙂



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