Journal Entry: March 14th, 2657 BC

Time for another journal entry, just a short one. A lot of them will only be about as long as this one, at least any that I’m posting in the near future. The longer ones will have info in them that will be complete spoilers for the novel series I’m working on, so they’ll have to wait until later down the road.

Anyway, here’s something from Julian again.

March 14th, 2657 BC

I’ve been staying in this place for a week now, and I’ve found so many little objects that belonged to myself or my family. Trinkets from my childhood, books, even one of my father’s crowns. It’s as though he made a point of collecting these things to keep them safe. They are all still perfect and exactly as they looked when I last saw them.

I want so badly to ask him about them, but I’m terrified that he will get angry if I do. Maybe he hopes that I don’t recognize them, or that I have forgotten about them completely. No such luck, but I don’t think I’ll say anything. It’s better not to anger the gods in any way than to risk the possibility that he might give something back to me.

One of the small things he has is the tiny figurine of my Tahni, lithe and gorgeous as she always was… The one Arista gave me for my birthday when we were young… I would love to have it back, it always meant so much to me, but I don’t know what to do about it. Maybe he doesn’t even realize it once belonged to me.

I really am at a loss over all of this. For now I guess I will stay here and pretend I do not notice so much of my history strewn about his rooms. It was more than kind of him to allow me to stay here even when he is away for work, especially being what he is. It’s not everyday a god lets someone like me into his home and offers him a bed, after all…


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