Flash Fiction Challenge: 3 Sentences

Alright people, this one shouldn’t take anyone too long to do, as all I’m asking is for 3 sentences. I want to hear the best story you can come up with in 3 lines. You can post it to your own blog or online space, or you can just write it right into the comments below here. Choice is yours.

There’s not genre for this one, and no guidelines. I just want to hear a very short story. Could be horror, could be romance, fantasy, whatever tickles your fancy.

Your deadline: Sunday, April 12th at noon PST

Word count is on you, I just need the 3 lines.

Write me a mini epic story! An epic mini story? Write some mini epicness!


3 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Challenge: 3 Sentences

  1. Andrew Troy Keller says:

    When I arrived at this one Hollywood type house to do some yard work, I heard someone splashing around in the pool which made me go around back and saw this hot blonde in a sexy one piece black swimsuit.

    And after she got out of the pool, she saw that I was naked and rubbing my dick which made her slip off the swimsuit and finger herself in front of me before she came over, got down on her knees and sucked that large dong of mine.

    Then, after we got done with having all that hot and steamy sex next to the pool, she laid her chin on my chest, let out a smile and said, “My husband is going out of town tomorrow… just to let you know.”, which made me realize that she wanted me to come back to her house for some other type of ‘work’… if you know what I mean.

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