My Writer’s Bucket List

So this is something I’ve never actually written down, at least not really. I’ve got post-its and notebook pages and .doc files everywhere with lists of goals and things I need to do, but I haven’t actually put together all of my major writing goals in one place. I figured it might be high time to do so. And really, what better place to do it than here on my online writing space? So here it is, my writing bucket list, however short it may be.

1. Write (finish and edit) a full length novel.

2. Publish a novel. (This one doesn’t have to be professional, as I’m actually completely content self-publishing.)

3. Win NaNoWriMo.  *Accomplished November 2014

4. Write a travel book. (Waiting on an epic trip for this one, although it may be made up more of short trips instead of one big one.)

5. Write and publish a book of short stories.

6. Write a book of ghost stories.

7. Write a trilogy (or series).

8. Write and publish a fictional journal.

9. Write a book in 3 months.

10. Be published, mentioned, or reviewed in at least one major publication.

11. Sell 100 copies of one of my novels. (I know this is a low number, but even this would be amazing for me. I’ll update and put a bigger number if this ever happens.)

I know there aren’t many things on the list, and most are just books in general. I’m not under the impression that I’ll ever get rich or famous from my writing, no matter how hard I might bust my ass to make it happen. I’ll be happy if I can make ends meet with it, and even that is a stretch. This list isn’t so much about money or fame, it’s more about my own personal goals as a writer. And the list may be changed at any given time depending on how my goals change, as well as things will be getting checked off as I reach those goals.

My main objective is to do this for me. I’ve always wanted to write, and I’ve been working on a series for years – literally – and want it in print in my own hands, whether anyone else buys it or not. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to get somewhere with my writing, but seeing as it’s not a realistic goal for most writers, it’s going to stay off my bucket list until it seems slightly more in reach. I’d rather my bucket list be goals I can achieve rather than dreams that may never come true, and I don’t care how depressing that sounds.

If I ever hit my 100 copy goal for sales for a novel of mine, I will probably scream, then cry, then scream more and then probably come here and write a massive thank you post. I know 100 copies isn’t a lot to most people, but that would be huge for me.

So there’s my little list, where’s yours? Share links to your own bucket lists in the comments, or feel free to share just one or two with myself and my other readers. I’d love to see what kinda of goals any other writers out there have set for themselves!


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