Blog Overhaul

Hey everyone, just here to give everyone a heads up that the blog will be undergoing a bit of an overhaul in the next week or so, possibly as soon as Monday or Tuesday. The only things I’m really changing are the looks of it all, just the layout, along with my author bio, which is already done.

I’m hoping to have it done asap, but I’m taking into account how much other shit I still have to do this week. Hopefully it’ll be all updated by the end of the week. It won’t change the frequency of my posting at all, it’s something I’ll be working on in the background and something I hope to just update all at once so there aren’t any issues with how things run here.

I feel like I’ve had to rework this blog too many times to count, so I’m hoping that once I’m done with this new setup, I’ll be able to keep it that way and not get sick of it too fast.

Anyway, cheers everyone, hope you all had a good weekend! I’m off to Sunday dinner. 🙂


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