Journal Entry: December 5th, 2695 BC

Time for another journal entry, again from my protagonist. This one I’m hoping will help set up a bit for the book I’ll be releasing later this year. It takes place near the beginning of the story, before the story really takes off.

December 5th, 2695 BC

This place is so strange. It’s so elegant, so intricate, and yet almost sparse. There are no windows anywhere that I have seen, and it makes the entire fortress feel so cold. It’s not cold here, far from it. There seem to be massive fireplaces scattered everywhere, and I haven’t been in a room so far that is actually anything but warm.

I’m not really sure what to think of it here. Everything is so white it’s almost blinding, and the silver and gold is polished to the point that you can see reflections in almost all of the furniture and fixtures. Everything is so ornate and heavily detailed, and yet it still feels empty here.

I’m not sure what it is that makes it feel so empty. Maybe it’s that it’s so big. There is no shortage of paintings on the walls, or sculptures on display in the passageways. There is plenty of decoration. It might be these people though, the angels. None of them are particularly warm with anyone that I’ve seen. They all seem so formal with eachother, as though they only known eachother through their work together and not on a personal level. How can they all live together in this palace or whatever it is and not know one another?

I don’t understand them. They are meant to care for humans, to show compassion and love, and yet all I’ve felt from them is hatred and calculating anger. They are short with eachother, and there is so much tension in the room when there are to or more of them that it’s palpable. I was always taught that angels were family, that they were all related in ways. None of them act that way at all. I hope it eases a little in the future. I’m not sure i can survive their tiffs amongst themselves, especially when it involves me.


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