10 Weird Facts About Me

Some of you don’t really know me well, others don’t know me at all. So I’ve decided to share with all of you some random facts about myself. These are all super random. Just things that I know some of my friends find weird.

1. I didn’t get my ears pierced until I was 15 years old. My aunt brought me to get them done one morning because she was taking me to dye my hair that same day. She turned it into an early birthday gift by paying for my ears to get pierced and then buying me a couple of new outfits. I now have two holes in each ear, and both of them are stretched, and I have a septum piercing.

2. I hate cheesecake. I’m not even joking, I really don’t like it. My friends all think I’m crazy, but I’ve never been able to stomach it.

3. I’m a modern day hippie. In a lot of ways, anyway. I have this issue where I’m torn between being that completely off-grid person who lives off the land and still wanting internet access and cell phone service. In other words, I’d love to live out in the  bush somewhere with no cell service as long as there was internet. Thankfully, that’s actually possible in this region, so that might still happen in the future. I also recycle what I can and reuse anything possible. (Just wait until I get my hands on a location to build my cabin, then I’ll do a post about how I’m building it. 😉 )

4. I’m afraid of water. Not in the sense that a bath scares me. But large bodies of water where I can’t touch the bottom freak me out. There’s a reason for this, though, it’s not some irrational thing. I fell through the ice in the Yukon River when I was 13, and my friend happened to be standing close enough to grab my wrist. I still have scars on my legs. Not to say I don’t go swimming at times, but it takes a lot of convincing in my own head to make myself get in a lake.

5. I have carpentry training. I did my apprenticeship program almost 10 years ago, helped build a house for Habitat for Humanity here in Whitehorse, and helped build some ski jumps for the local ski hill, along with building furniture and other projects. I would have stuck with it, but I have such bad knee problems that framing a house for a day knocks me on my ass for two days.

6. I have my boating license, but I don’t have a license to drive a car. Yes, I realize how stupid that sounds. Yes, I know I should change it soon, and I plan on it. Why do I have the ability to legally operate a boat? It was included in my program when I took Renewable Resources at the college here. Even weirder? The first vehicle I ever drove was a school bus that had been converted into a camper.

7. I have never had stitches. I’ve broken and sprained so many things it’s not even funny. I’ve broken my nose 3 times. But I’ve never had stitches for anything. I’ve never needed them. And I’ve never been put under for anything, either.

8. I had a second set of canine teeth. Right up until a handful of years ago. Funny part about that? One of my best friends never got hers. We like to joke that I just ended up with hers.

9. I’ve driven across Canada 13 times. No joke. From Whitehorse, YT to the eastern end of Newfoundland. The last time was in 2010 with my boyfriend. I have done it so many times now that I recognize the highways. Why have I done that drive so many times? Family. I’m from Newfoundland, I moved to the Yukon when I was 6. With so many of us, it was always way cheaper to drive there than to fly, and my dad always worked for himself, meaning he could take the whole summer off to make it worth it.

10. I love doing research. Seriously. It’s one of the ways I unwind after a long week. Doesn’t matter so much what it is that I’m researching – usually something for my books or something that interests me or that I’d like to try. I love learning new things, even if it seems like some useless knowledge to anyone else.

Alright, so now you know a bit more about me. Random things, but I’ve always been fairly strange anyway. Have some random facts about yourself you’d like to share? Post a link in the comments or just comment with a fact about yourself. 🙂


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