I’m Super Busy in May

Trying what? A writing challenge for May. I’m going to be honest with all of you right now, it might be an epic fail. Camp NaNoWriMo was most definitely a fail unless I can dump several thousand more words today. Which is pretty much impossible with how many other things I have to do today.

Okay, it’s likely to be an epic fail. I want so badly to do it and to succeed, but May is going to be a way busier month than I originally thought. For now, I’ll try to do the challenge anyway, and I hope some of you do it with me. I am really just hoping to get through more than the first week without failing.

How busy am I in May?

– I have to finish my novel (you know, the one I was supposed to finish this month)

– I have to start editing said novel

– I have to get the outline worked out for the second book (mostly the details, but still some work to do)

– I have to write a short story or scene every single day of the month and post it on here (yeah, I’m crazy)

– I have to keep up on the regular blog posts that I would be doing anyway aside from the challenge posts

– I have some things I’d like to make up for all of my readers as free downloads (“products” for lack of a better word – things that will help you with your own writing and productivity)

– I’m running a photography sale, which may end up keeping me busy taking and editing photos  (I’d share a link, but I don’t even have it posted on my Facebook page for my photography yet – not until later today)

– I have to make 100+ pieces of latex clothing (that shit takes forever to do when you’re doing that much of it)

– work out the cover design for book 1 of the series

– we are staking a gold claim (which means a whole bunch of hiking around and lugging heavy things through the bush and up a mountain, along with actually testing the ground and paperwork and everything else that comes with it)

– I’m helping do a cleanup along the highways here in the territory

– I have art I need to get done (for the sake of my own sanity more than anything else)

So yeah, things are pretty busy here. Beyond busy. I lost nearly 10 hours of my day yesterday working on a single project for my latex business, and I’m still hours from being done that one. While I enjoy being fairly busy, I enjoy having some days to myself to relax as well. I’m hoping after this coming month that things can slow down a bit in some ways. What I’m really hoping is to get a lot of that list done in the first half of the month, so I can slow down a bit in the last half of the month for a bit of a “break”. We’ll see if that’s even possible, but I’ll try.

Anyway, if you see me falter with the writing challenge I set myself for May, this is why. It’s not that I am slacking or don’t want to do it, I just have a lot to do. I’ll do what I can to still make it happen, though. I want to do this, and I’m not one to back down from a challenge.


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