May’s Writing Challenge: Day 1

This one was from a prompt I found a while back. The prompt was merely to write a scene using the phrase, “Darling, stop” as an opening. I chose not to use names aside from one, as these are characters that are from my series, and I’d rather not give anything away just yet, as this will be a long way down the road in the books.

Anyway, here’s my “story” for today.


“Darling, stop,” she said, brushing his cheek with her fingers as she wiped tears away.

He pulled away slightly, the touch startling him, but he didn’t stop her. Any comfort was better than nothing at this point. There was no telling what was going to happen that night, much less anytime in the future.

“Lily, what if this is unstable. What if there is no stopping this, and we slowly die from the stress on our bodies. I can’t lose her. I refuse to let that happen, but I don’t know how to stop it.”

He looked down at his hands, the ones that weren’t his. The silver ring with his family symbol was present on her right ring finger as it had been for several years, and on the pinky of her same hand was his own mark. The crescent moon and five point star caught the sun as he moved the hand, the light catching the silver and making it almost glow.

Being in the female body wasn’t what bothered him most about the situation. Being in the physical world was also not a problem, as strange as it was to be able to interact once more with that plane. What hurt him most was knowing that the owner of the body he was in was in his own body, on the spiritual plane. She now bore appendages she had never had, the heavy horns on his head and his wings being the most prominent.

While they were in the wrong bodies, they could not interact the way they normally did. His case, the woman he was charged with protecting, the reason for his entire existence, his other half, she was in danger and he could do nothing to stop it. He had no idea what was even causing this strange body-switching that was happening between the two of them. Lily was the only one he could talk to about it while in his love’s body, and she was no help at all aside from keeping him slightly calmer than he would have been otherwise.

“We won’t lose her. I promise. We will find some way to make it stop, or it will stop on its own. Maybe it is stable. We don’t know what will happen, but I refuse to believe that either of you is going to die in any of this.”

“What if it does kill us both?”

“It won’t,” she said more firmly.

“What if it does?”

“It can’t…”

“Lily, I will die without her,” he said, choking back more tears, “I can’t live without her. I need her. Probably more than she needs me, but I need her desperately.”

“We will figure this out and find a way to fix it.” She pulled him into a hug, squeezing his current vessel tightly before letting go.

He sat roughly down on the chair next to him, draping the female body over the arms as the dog came over to rest his head on his lap. The day already felt like one of the longer days of his entire existence, and it seemed as though it would never end. Being in a female body was nothing new to him, having practised possession more than once in his long career, but this one felt more comfortable than any other, and it made him uneasy to consider the possibility of why that might be.

The pulling sensation began again, and he waited for the switch to happen, returning him to his own body once more as she was pulled back into her own.

The pain grew worse, only stopping as he felt as though he would be torn apart from the inside out. Once that happened, he closed his eyes, opening them a second later to find himself back to normal, sitting on the picnic table outside of the old roadhouse in his own body and once more on the spiritual plane rather than the physical one.



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