Flash Fiction Challenge: 100 Words

This week, because I’m so insanely busy with so many of my own projects, I’m going to go easy on everyone. The challenge this time around is to write a 100 words short story. Something short, sweet, and to the point. Make it a horror or thriller, too, just ’cause.

That’s all the guidelines I’m going to give this week.

You have until noon (PST) on Friday, May 8th

Write the short story and post it on your blog, website, whatever you use to share your writing online and comment with a link to it here on this post so that everyone can find it.

Go write some awesomeness and get back here with your link.

PS, if your story is NSFW, please state that in the comment along with the link just in case.




One thought on “Flash Fiction Challenge: 100 Words

  1. Andrew Troy Keller says:

    It was on a hot summer evening that Cassidy walked into a room with only her shear robe on and saw a naked male stud masturbating in front of the fireplace.

    That was before he turned around and Cassidy felt like slipping off her robe and letting the stud go inside her pussy with his hands on her butt.

    And while he was also caressing her breasts, the stud looked at her uncovered throat and sank his fangs deep into it in order to suck out her blood.

    That made Cassidy scream and notice that she was still in bed.

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