May’s Writing Challenge – Day 4

Loyalty. Who is loyalty? What would that person be like? Well, he’s a sweet soul, kind beyond belief. He has flaws, just like anyone else, but he is so devoted it’s painful to watch. From the day of his creation, he has been with the same woman. He is why people use the saying “loyal to a fault” – he is so loyal that he has put himself through Hell countless times and is willing to do it every day of his existence for her.

He is conceited at times, but knows when to reign it in. He is modest at heart, his arrogance just a show so he doesn’t let people see his real self. He is loud and opinionated. He tends to be one of the loudest people in a crowded room, always the center of attention, but his attention is always on her.

Loyalty is giving beyond belief. A passion no one can understand because of its depth. A man so in love that he will lose his mind should he be separated from his love for too long. A man who will slaughter entire armies just to get to her and hold her one last time before his last breath. He is a man who, even if he lost all memory of her, would still find no satisfaction in others. He will always find a way back to his sunshine.

He would never say anything bad about her, and is willing to take his own life should her hurt her in any way, even if it was unintentional. He will stay by her bedside for hours just to watch her sleep and admire her as she barely moves, her breaths so shallow she seems almost lifeless. Loyalty will stay with her through everything, depriving himself of any need he may have so that she may be happy and healthy.

He is kinder than most give him credit for, and much stronger. He is stronger and more resilient than almost anyone, and is most often so secretive about this that he comes off as weak, unable to show people who he truly is for fear of rejection or negative judgement. He is often judged wrongly, made to feel stupid and worthless for the ways he acts around his love. He comes off as reckless, and sometimes is if she is in danger. He loves with a reckless abandon, and lives for only her.


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