May’s Writing Challenge – Day 5

It’s already day 5, and today I’m just going to write up something simple. Not out of laziness, but because it’s something I want to do. Who knows, maybe it’ll end up being longer than I’m expecting. Anyway, today, I’m creating a god. And hopefully soon, I’ll draw this god and can show you all what I’m picturing in my head for him. Anyway, here goes!

Knox is an underworld god, similar to Lucifer or Hades or Pluto in that he runs his own little realm downstairs. He is a new god, part of the new order. He is meant for the present day era, and is very new to the job, therefore is slightly inexperienced. He is, however, very committed to learning the ins and outs of his responsibilities.

He’s a quiet man, and looks to be only about 18 years old. He keeps to himself and to a very small group of friends unless necessary for work purposes. Most days he can be found in his palace office scouring over paperwork and sipping wine, his strange looks a shock for any visitor who has never met him.

Hands black as night, the darkness spreading up as far as his elbows before fading to a paler skin tone, a tone more that of a person who avoids the sunlight at all costs. His feet are the same, the black tone of his skin fading at his knees. Shaggy, straight black hair falls to his shoulders, and his eyes are such a light blue colour that they look almost white from far away. Lithe, but muscular, he is not a big guy. Only a little over six feet tall, and fairly slim, although very toned. A voice like velvet, and a smile that could melt even the coldest heart.

An extremely loving and kind individual, he is more likely to help someone than hurt them. He’s very devoted to his small group of friends, and takes good care of all of them whenever given the chance, even spoiling them with gifts.

Despite being king of his area of the underworld, he is far from evil. He is, in fact, too nice for his own good at times, and polite beyond belief. He tries everything possible to make everyone happy at all times, and can become stressed easily if someone he cares deeply for is unhappy in some way. He will not rest until he can make that person smile and forget their problems, even if only for the time he is with them. He is not a pushover, but he can push himself to exhaustion too often by focusing so much of his time and energy trying to please everyone else.

Alright, I think that’s enough for now… Although I want to keep writing about this guy. Maybe I’ll write a story about him soon. I find this one more intriguing that I expected to. And I really need to get his likeness on paper at some point really soon. He’s pretty. Yeah, I think I’ll write more about him soon. Anyway, that’s all for now! I’ll be back again tomorrow with a short story or scene or something.


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