20 Writing Prompts – May 2015

So here is your list for this month. Use it as you will. Or don’t. That’s all on you, I’m just putting it out there for people to use as inspiration.

  1. Write a story in which a bottle plays an important part.
  2. Your main character is a werewolf who is only 4 years old. He/she just realized what he/she is. The catch: His/her parents are vampires who think werewolves are nothing but monsters who need to be destroyed.
  3. Why?
  4. Your protagonist and antagonist get handcuffed together for a day.
  5. You stumble upon a hidden lake in the woods with a mermaid sitting on the shore.
  6. An unlikely animal adopts you as their human.
  7. You’re stuck in an elevator with your best friend and an enemy.
  8. You are approached by an ancient god and told that you are also a god, but that you have lost your memories and so have been incarnated as a human. This visiting god returns your memories and powers to you. What do you see?
  9. Your protagonist is possessed by an evil spirit. They know what’s happening, but they have no control over their actions.
  10. Write a story in which your protagonist falls in love with someone who cannot speak his/her language.
  11. One of your characters pretends to be someone else for a day.
  12. You find a treasure map and an old ring in your grandfather’s attic.
  13. “Where did you find that?”
  14. Write a story that takes place in once hour.
  15. Describe the seasons as people.
  16. Everyone can choose to be famous for one year of their lives. What are you famous for? What do you accomplish?
  17. Write a myth to explain why it snows.
  18. The world has been reclaimed by nature due to war between the humans. Some humans still exist in small communities, but most are in very small groups. Write what a normal day is like for one of these remaining humans.
  19. The one that got away.
  20. Write a story in which a painting plays a major role.

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