May’s Writing Challenge – Day 6

Almost a week in! So far, so good. Hopefully I can keep this going until the end of the month. I want to do something a little different today… I don’t usually write fantasy stories. Not that I don’t enjoy them, but it’s never been my style. Anyway, this is the first part of the story. I’m hoping it’s only going to be two parts, but we’ll see. Be nice, it’s been over ten years since I’ve even attempted to write fantasy at all.

“This way. What are you doing?”

Kato turned to see Theo following slowly behind him up the mountain. His friend checked behind them frantically, and Kato yelled for him again to hurry.

“I’m coming,” Theo answered, turning back to the boy above him and continuing on his way up the steep slope.

They scrambled up the loose shale quickly, aiming for a large cave near the top of the escarpment. Kato’s tails whipped behind him as he climbed, barely missing Theo.

“In here,” Kato called to his friend as he reached a small platform just above Theo, turning to grasp Theo’s hand and pull him up out of harm’s way.

Once in the cave, they fell against the wall of rock just out of the rain. Panting heavily, they remained still in the darkness, only aware of eachother in that they could hear the other’s heavy breaths. Shouting could be heard, but it was faraway and faint, and it grew quieter the longer they listened.

“We can’t stay here, Kato. It’s not safe, they know we are here now.”

“It’s okay, they won’t find us in here. We will be safe for the present. We can wait out the storm until the weather is better. Then we can leave and find somewhere else where they can’t find us or bother us.”

“What if they do find us?”

“Then we scare the living daylights out of them and fly away.”

Theo sighed, but said nothing. It was normal for Kato to be this way. Reckless was his policy, and adventure was his game. While Theo preferred the quiet life, his friend dragged hm anywhere and everywhere his heart desired, which always lead them to trouble. This time is was a small village of angry humans who had caught a glimpse of them while they wandered the forest nearby.

Now it was a race to get away from them before the villagers found them and tried to skin them alive. The worst part being that this wasn’t an exaggeration. Humans would gladly skin them for their hides, or mount their heads as trophies. It would be a status maker for any who did not already have some title, and bragging rights for anyone.

The storm had just begun, which meant they may be stuck for days before the rain finally stopped.

“We can’t wait around for the weather to get better. We have to go now.”

“You can go. I’m staying here for now. I can meet you back at that cave in the north, you know the one. Give me a week or two to get there. I want some sleep before I fly.” Kato embraced Theo tightly before he headed to the back of the cave where his belongings were being kept.

Kato could hear Theo grabbing his things quickly before walking to the edge of the cave. The silhouette of a man morphed in a matter of seconds to that of a dragon so large it blocked the only light entering the opening. A low guttural growl sounded from the beast, and Kato whispered a quick goodbye as the massive reptile jumped from the ledge, catching air and flying away quickly through the thunder.

Shivering, he wrapped himself in the small blanket that sat on the pile of straw he had been sleeping on. Curling into a ball to keep warm, he dozed off into a sleep.



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