May’s Writing Challenge – Day 7

I know, I know, I didn’t post anything yesterday! I did write, though, I just didn’t get to my computer to type it all out. It got scribbled into a notebook because I was so busy with other things and was nowhere near my computer. Anyway, here’s the post that SHOULD have gone live yesterday should I have actually made it home at a decent enough time to get it all typed up. I’ll have the next one up after this – today’s post is already written, just have to get it posted.

If you missed the first part, you can find it by clicking this link.

The cold and damp were an unwelcome wake up call for Kato. The water had begun to leak into the cave far enough that it had soaked through his makeshift bedding and into his clothing while he slept.

Groaning to himself as he gathered his belongings, he prepared to leave his cave dwelling in search of his friend. It had been less than twelve hours since they parted ways, and Kato was loathe to fly at night in the storm, but he knew staying in the wet hole in the mountain would be not better. Taking a deep breath at the edge of the cave, he closed his eyes and forced the change to come.

His body transformed quickly, the horns on his head growing longer, his wings larger, and his human features giving way to a larger and more lithe mass of scales, so white and clear that they almost looked like glass.

What few belongings he had in a sack tied around his neck, he jumped from the high ledge, catching the air and flying in the direction he knew his friend would be.

He flew for hours over the ocean, only coming to a stop when he reached another island. Landing on the beach of white sand, he shook the rain from his cold wings as best as he could looking around him at the wreckage the storm had left behind.

It was a few minutes before he realized there was someone nearby, but once he did notice, it was too late to try and hide.

A young boy with sandy blonde hair stood a little further down the beach, staring at him with wide eyes. A sack larger than his little body dragged in the sand behind him as he dragged it. There was a large conch shell in one of his hands, but he dropped it when Kato looked at him.

He waited a few minutes for the boy to scream for his parents, or maybe to cry or scream, but instead the little one approached him slowly. Dropping his grip on the bag, he made his way toward the white dragon.

Kato froze, scared to have a human so near to him, even one so young. In his experience, even the little ones were irrationally violent when they saw something they could not understand or something they wanted for themselves.

As the boy got close enough to reach out and touch, Kato closed his eyes. Expecting the worst, he was startled when small arms embraced his long neck and squeezed. The boy was crying, but he wasn’t running away.

The dragon relaxed a little as the boy curled up next to him still bawling. He could hear that the little one was talking, but he couldn’t make out words through the sobbing.

He wasn’t like other humans. He seemed more calm, more gentle. Kato felt himself almost trusting this young human, despite his natural instincts. He was so innocent and small and delicate. There was no way he could do much damage even if he wanted to.

His eyes were closing slowly as he began to drift into sleep, only opening them when he felt the boy shift and move to get up. Tensing up, he waited for pain, but it didn’t come.

The boys stood before him once more, hugging his neck tightly and still sobbing. When he pulled away, all Kato heard was a very quiet ‘thank you’ as the boy smiled and bowed his head. Without another word, the little one disappeared back down the beach to retrieve the bag of found objects he had been dragging around.

Waving when he got to his bag of things, the little boy smiled widely at the dragon. Kato bowed his head to acknowledge him, thinking to himself that Theo would never believe that this had happened to him, or that it was even possible for it to have happened.

Smiling to himself, he stashed the image of the smiling little boy into his memory bank like dragons of legend hoarded their treasure. Somewhere safe that he could always look back on it and smile, but no one could ever take it from him.


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