May’s Writing Challenge – Day 8

I felt I needed to write something a bit different today, something maybe even a little inspirational. Only a little. Maybe not even a little. Meh. Anyway, it’s just a short thing, basically a love note from one character to another, and not anyone specific. Maybe I’ll write about them sometime in the future, because whoever they are, they sound like they have a pretty amazing love.

“I love you in a way only the moon can, my sun… In the shortest times of day, and only for fleeting moments that are so beautiful they could make the gods weep for fear of missing even a moment of their short existence, but the hope is always there. The longing for more time, and the promise that it will come again soon, but not for an eternity.

Ever awaiting that moment when we can be together again, even if only for a brief moment…”


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