May’s Writing Challenge – Day 10

Today I used a prompt for writing. It was just to write a scene from the point of view of someone who can’t see. Not a detailed prompt, and it didn’t say why the person can’t see, so I’m actually using something I’ve had stuck in my head for days. It’s something that may be a part of the series I’m working on, but I’ve made sure to not give too much away. Anyway, here it is.

Julian screamed as he awoke suddenly. His whole body ached, and there were sharp jolts of pain shooting through his spine from the end of his tail. His body arched on its own, trying to get away from the pain.

“Why is my face on fire!” he yelled, barely able to understand his own words they were so slurred.

“Why has it already worn off?” a voice asked from somewhere near Julian.

“I don’t know, it should last at least a day,” another voice said in a voice almost as panicked as the first one.

Julian could hear quick movements to his right and tried to force his eye open, but something blocked his view. He wanted to speak, but he couldn’t make another sound come out.

“You’ll be okay,” the first voice said comfortingly. “He’s just mixing up something to help you get back to sleep.” Julian realized that it was his trainer and relaxed slightly. That meant the other voice must have been from their healer.

What’s wrong with my face? Why does it feel like my body is burning?

“The meds have worn off much sooner than we expected. Your body is growing back what was taken.” Ramiel’s hand touched his cheek, making him start slightly, but he welcomed the contact.

Why can’t I see anything?

“There are bandages over both of your eyes. You’re lucky he only cut the one eye. He was close to getting both. Although you may be left with a scar on your face for a while,” Ramiel said quietly.

Another wave of pain tore through Julian’s body, and he couldn’t help but scream. The pain was some of the worst he had ever felt, the only real comparison being when he first took on his unique features.

He barely noticed when Raphael returned and made him drink more of the disgusting bitter liquid from before. His body began to feel weightless, and he could feel himself becoming calm once more as he drifted into unconsciousness.


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