Coming Soon: A Book of Prompts!

I’ve been putting prompts together for a while, mostly for my own use, but also for the blog. It occurred to me that it might be a good idea to put them all in one place for anyone who may be interested in using them. I will be including more than just written prompts in it, meaning there will be photo prompts as well, along with maybe a few other bonuses.

There will be over 1,000 different prompts in the book, all split into categories and sections for easy searching. There are prompts for love stories, supernatural/paranormal, mysteries, thrillers, sci-fi, character conceptualizing, etc.

The release date as of right now is June 15th. If it changes, I will definitely let everyone know, but as it stands, the book will be available for purchase beginning that day.

I’ll share more info in the very near future, I promise!


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