May’s Writing Challenge – Day 11

No prompt for today’s entry, just something that came to mind as I sat in front of the computer to start writing. Nothing special, just a brief moment in time.

He was staring at me, and had been for what seemed like forever. I had never seen him before, but he seemed to recognize me. It was unnerving. This man, this thing, he was so focused on me that he didn’t seem to notice the commotion around us. The panic of the other people on the street and coming from buildings surrounding us. He looked only at me.

I waited, mesmerized by his gaze, hoping maybe he would speak. Maybe he would say something, anything, that could give me some hint as to why he was so fixed on me.

More people ran screaming by, and one ran into me, nearly knocking me to the ground. I rubbed by shoulder passively, realizing that this man was not only staring at me, but I had now been staring back at him for what may have been a few minutes. I tried to pull my gaze from him, but found that I couldn’t. We were locked in a staring contest while buildings crumbled down around us.

More screams, a child crying nearby, sirens, the sound of crunching metal as a car crashed into the storefront directly behind me. I still watched him. He still watched me.

Someone grabbed my hand as if they were trying to make me move, urging me to follow them, but I pulled away. I didn’t even look at them. I wasn’t sure who would even be trying to save me in that moment. I had never been here before, and I knew no one in this city.

And still we watched eachother. His expression hadn’t changed in the time he’d been staring at me. His face was serious, like stone, and it looked even a little worried, but not obviously so. I made a point of looking at the rest of him now, having been so focused on his face and his strange dark blue eyes that I had neglected to look at the rest of him.

His hair was extremely long, even my a woman’s standards, and so blonde it was almost white. He was huge. He wore a plain white t-shirt that hugged his chest, and his arms looked like chiseled marble they were so well defined. A strange symbol I had never seen before was tattooed on his right forearm.

Before I could take in any more details, he was walking toward me with long strides, obviously on a mission. I backed away slightly, this strange man suddenly terrifying to me, but he was right in front of me before I could make myself turn and run.

More loud noises surrounded us as the building across the street began to fall.

Hands grasped by arms, strong hands, and I looked up into his eyes. He gave me a reassuring and soft smile, and pulled me into his arms as everything went dark.


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