May’s Writing Challenge – Day 12

So I’m a couple of days late with this post, but it’s only because I couldn’t bring myself to write yesterday, or the night before. There was a bit of a medical emergency with one of my pets, so I spent the night and all of yesterday keeping an eye on him and worrying too much to bother with the computer. There will be another post for today as well, just so that I am actually on track once more. Anyway, here’s the one that should have been done two days ago.

He waited for her. He waited for what felt like forever.

Years had passed since she should have come home, and still he waited. Angry, bitter, cold, and blaming everyone for her disappearance. Blaming himself. Had he done something wrong? Had he angered her in some way before she left that day, some way he couldn’t remember? Maybe it was something he did after she left. The gods knew he had killed too many good men to count and injured countless others in his rage.

Blacking out had become an almost daily occurrence for him, lashing out at those he loved in terrible ways and never being able to remember it. Apologizing for what he had done immediately after hearing, but still doing it again when he would have a bad day. Throwing whatever was at hand at anyone who dared say her name, pulling swords and daggers on people just for smiling at him.

It wasn’t the waiting that killed him, though. It was the thought that plagued him at night when he couldn’t sleep. That little voice that told him that maybe she would never return. Maybe his love was really gone forever. Maybe he had lost her for good, never to set eyes on her again for the rest of his existence.

Hell would be an eternally lonely place without her, and Heaven would never be the same. His palace was empty, no matter who else was present. No one but her mattered. He loved his brothers to no end, but had successfully pushed them all away in her absence, screaming and crying and throwing fits if they got too close. His children had all but abandoned him for fear of their own safety. His colleagues only spoke to him regarding work, having completely given up hope of him being normal. His friends had left, only calling on him for important events, and never just stopping by to visit.

The palace was beginning to fall down around him in shambles after so long without her. And still he waited. Nothing mattered anymore but finding her. Having her back, bringing her home.

The people close to him began whispering of her whereabouts, that she was safe and healthy and would be home soon, but no one could prove their words. It’s only made him worse. They were all liars to him, telling him concocted stories so that maybe he would stop being so angry and move on. In his eyes, it was only to tame the beast he had become. But he liked being this beast. It helped him keep his focus on her, on the possibility of her coming home.

Thousands of years and more could have passed, or only a day. It didn’t matter. What mattered was that he knew he would see her again. He knew deep down in his core that they would be together again someday, even if he didn’t believe it. Even if it meant waiting until the stars all died and the sun faded, he would get her back.

And so he waited for her…


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