May’s Writing Challenge: Day 13 (Journal Entry: November 29th, 2632 BC)

And here’s the one that should have gone up yesterday. A journal entry for all of you, although a short one.

November 29th, 2632 BC

Julian came to see me today. He was hurt from training, but seemed in fairly high spirits until he saw me. I’m not really sure what to say to him anytime he shows up looking for me and finds me in a state like this. Am I to lie to him? Tell him it’s just from training? Or is it best to tell him the truth about what Michael has been doing to me?

I never know quite what to say when I see him, and I can see how he looks at me, those cat eyes peering into my soul and reading my lies, feeding them back to me as truth. He gives me that look like he’s about to do something stupid and crazy, and I’m terrified that one of these days he will…


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