May’s Writing Challenge: Day 14

Since the last two days have been insane, and I really preferred not to bombard the blog with three new posts last night, I decided to post yesterday’s challenge today. Cheating, sure, but when it comes to my fur babies, I’m willing to drop pretty much anything. Things should be back on track for the rest of the challenge as soon as I’ve got the next post up.

There were three of them. Three men assigned to her, their lives belonging to her so that they could sacrifice themselves at any given moment for her safety.

The first had been created just for her, specific details scoured over for years to make sure he was just right. He had been with her for almost her entire existence, and had proved himself worthy of the job on so many occasions that everyone including himself and her had lost track entirely of the count.

The second had also been made for her, although with this one she helped, tweaking details so that he was not an exact copy of the first, but not better or worse. He was made to handle things differently, but just as well as the first. A twin to the first, although still very different in ways. He had also proven himself worthy countless times.

The third came later. He was made using a piece of her, to have a connection with her that neither of the other two shared with her. He was her twin flame, her other half. The half of her soul that she had had pried apart from that half she still carried, so that neither would be happy without the other, but they would be whole and complete together.

Each of the three handled things differently from the other two. And each was loved equally by her, and loved eachother as much as they loved her. The four were inseparable. Tied together by fate and the gods, made so that they could no live without eachother. Only happy when they were all together.

Should one of them gone missing, as was the case at times in their lives, the others would tear apart Heaven and Hell to find the missing piece. They would not stop until the puzzle was whole once more, and they could be happy again.

There came a time when no matter how hard they tried, things kept going wrong. One had lost his way and had begun to call someone else home. Another had become so lost and depressed that he followed the first, unsure of how to go about his life without the four of them together in one place. The third, despite many people hounding him to be more open for leaving and having friendships and relationships away from them, stayed with her. He did everything he could to keep her happy, to make up for the other two missing pieces. He felt her pain when she longed for them, he held her when she cried of a broken heart.

The third of the Guardians, her other half, spent his time with her. He never left her, always at her side and trying to make the best of a bad situation. He stayed with her on the nights when she cried herself to sleep from missing her other pieces so badly. He fought to keep her happy, slowly killing himself in the process.

He was never made to do the job on his own, and he needed help from those who had abandoned her. Her first two Guardians were the reason she hurt so much, and yet they were blind to it due to their feelings for others.

The third argued and screamed for them to see what they were doing to her, and yet they didn’t see it. They didn’t believe him. And so she grew worse, falling into a depression worse than any of them had ever seen.

Friends tried giving her anything they could possibly think of in the hopes that maybe those things would help, but nothing did. She would be unhappy and only grow worse while she was missing her other pieces, her other Guardians.

The problem is that not even she realized what was missing from her to make her so upset. The first Guardian had been gone for so long that she didn’t even remember him being there to begin with, and the second had never completely left her. She had plenty of other relationships that made her happy, but she knew deep down that something was still missing, no matter how much she loved those she shared her life with.

After so long apart, she felt herself falling for the first, although scared to tell him, fearing that she would destroy the life he had built without her, and not remembering that they had been together and happy so long ago. When she did tell him her feelings, he was accommodating, but they weren’t returned.

The second one came home to her shortly after that, apologizing profusely for months until he was finally back to normal and once more hers, to keep her safe and happy. The second and third then fought hard together to try to make her smile once more, having nearly forgotten what her smile even looked like after so long.

It was in that time that the first began to see his mistake, but she thought it was wrong of him to be with her, and so she continued to push him away until he threatened his own life. He promised to make the ultimate sacrifice should she push him away and not give him a chance, and so she offered her hand to him, pulling him back from the ledge of his cliff and taking him home with her, back to where he belonged.

The moment he stepped back into her home, there came a peace that is beyond explanation, so pure and sweet and calm that it was enough to bring some to tears upon being in the presence of them. The four puzzle pieces were finally together again and whole, and they would never again stray from eachother, or the world would come crashing down around them in fire and flames until they would once more be reunited in life or death.

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