May’s Writing Challenge: Day 17

To make up for yesterday’s somewhat heavier entry, I’m going to write something a bit lighter for today. Today, you’ll learn what a day in the life of one of my angels is like. And when I say “my angels”, I mean the ones in my series. Raphael in particular. So here he is.

8:00 AM – Wake up and check for any notes Gabriel may have slipped under my door while I was sleeping.

8:30 AM – Go to the infirmary for the day. Make sure Gabriel hasn’t half murdered some poor recruit for some stupid comment they made about his hair. Check on all patients, and re-administer any treatment as needed. Kick out anyone who is faking it.

10:00 AM – Wine break to help get through the rest of the day and the patients’ bickering and whining. Morning meeting with Gabriel. Listen to him bitch and moan about how recruits aren’t learning fast enough, or maybe how he can’t keep Michael under control, or how angry Ramiel has been with his new trainee. Whatever is bothering him at the time.

12:00 PM – Back to work. Check on patients again. Go through inventory to make sure everything is as it should be. Make anything that needs replacing.

3:00 PM – Wine break.

3:30 PM – Patient check ups. More consoling of patients. Am I their mother or something?

4:30 PM – Am I done for the day yet?

6:00 PM – Still working.

7:00 PM – Visit from Gabriel. Again. Does he not have anything better to do? Drink more wine.

8:30 PM – Check patients again. I’m losing my patience.

9:30 PM – Done work for the day. Maybe. Unless someone gets hurt and shows up looking for me to help heal them.

10:00 PM – Curl up with a book by my fire in my big comfy chair and stay there drinking wine and reading all night.

12:15 AM – Answer the knock at my door which will inevitably be someone who needs healing.

3:00 AM – Finish patching them and tending wounds, go to room and ignore any other knocks until morning. Try to read more.

4:00 AM – Fall asleep with wine in hand. Spill wine everywhere. Clean up mess.

4:30 AM – Go to bed. Mentally prepare to do it all over again tomorrow. Cross fingers that no one else shows up looking for help before it’s time to go back to work. I need sleep.

5:00 AM – Get angry when someone knocks on the door. Answer door. Listen to Gabriel’s theory about what Ramiel’s new recruit will become. Fall asleep from boredom while Gabriel is still talking.


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