May’s Writing Challenge: Day 18

This one just kinda happened. I’m going to just leave it as is, as it’s actually something I may use in the future, but get what you will from it.

In good news, though, I can finally go pick up my kitty from the vet today! Finally! It’s going to be nice to have him home again. I think my dog missed him almost as much as I did. Hopefully when he comes home this time it’s to stay.

As I took him in, I realized how similar he did look to the man from my past. The eyes were strange and cat-like, a deep yellow golden in colour with slits for pupils, very unlike the vibrant blue. But there was something about him that was very familiar, comfortable even, and I wondered if he felt the same way.

His presence was alluring, and I could feel him drawing me in even as I tried to keep my distance. I wondered briefly if maybe Gabe was right about him, if there might be some chance that it really was him, but I doubted it. He had been gone for so long already and no one could get to him. No one could get to her, no matter how hard I had tried. That person from my past was gone, and nothing I had done brought him back in either form, male or female.

The most I could do was train this man as Gabe had instructed and hope that maybe I could get that person back. My Julian, not this impostor who Gabriel was claiming to be my life. He may be exquisite to behold, but he wasn’t mine and never would be. He was my trainee, my work for the next two hundred years, and nothing more.


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