May’s Writing Challenge: Day 21

“What do you mean you went in there? Why, are you insane?” she yelled into the phone, getting to her feet and moving to find her jacket.

“This place is creepy, and I can’t make them leave,” the voice on the other end said.

“So you leave. If they don’t want to leave, that’s on them. That place is condemned for a reason.”

“There’s, like, this weird red stuff everywhere that looks like blood, and there’s hair on the floor like someone tore a bunch out of their head or from an animals or something maybe. Weird symbols painted on the walls.”

“I’m coming to get you,” she said, finally pulling on her jacket and shoes and preparing to go out in the thunderstorm.

“Come quick,” her friend pleaded on the other end.

“I’ll be there in a few minutes, I promise.” She turned to see her boyfriend pulling on his coat as well, grabbing his keys and phone and following her down the stairs.

“I’ll drive.”

She nodded, rushing out the door to the car outside. Her friend made a lot of stupid choices, but she had a feeling this one might be even worse than most previous ones.

The building Amanda had called from was an older one in their area of town that had recently been fenced off and condemned. It was slated for demolition in order to put up some new buildings, but she had always heard strange things about what happened inside. Weird occurrences mostly, just weird things that couldn’t be explained.

*I am going to cut this short now. I will finish the story later on, I just had a photo shoot I was preparing for all day, then the shoot itself, then trying to dry off and warm up because I ended up in a lake up to my waist to get the shots I wanted. Basically, I ran out of time to finish this story this afternoon, and seeing as it’s already after 2am, I’m too tired to finish it now. I just figured rather than posting this all tomorrow and missing a day, I would split the story in two so at least you can all see I did get something done today. Just not all the way done like I intended. Sorry! The rest will come in the afternoon sometime, I promise! 


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