May’s Writing Challenge: Day 22

Here’s the rest of that story I started yesterday. Sorry it took so long, things have been crazy here. Anyway, here it is.

“That way,” she said, pointing down a dark road.

The car headed in the direction she had pointed, driving through deep puddles and splashing water over the sidewalks. Lightning flashed in the downpour, and the thunder was almost constant.

She told him to slow down as they came closer to the building, and he slowed the car enough so that they could get  abetter look at the place. There was no sign of her friend anywhere in the storm, but as she looked out the window, the car came to an abrupt halt.

She turned to look at her boyfriend, but something in the road caught her eye.

A massive form stood in front of the car, right on the yellow center line of the road. Horns over a foot long protruded from the top of its head, and there were small spikes positioned on its arms and legs. It stood about ten feet tall not including those large structures. The only word she could form in her head was demon before there was another flash of lightning and it disappeared.

She looked at her boyfriend, who was turning to look at her at the same time.

“You saw that, right?” she said, and he nodded.

“Yeah. Where is Amanda?”

Fumbling with her phone, she managed to dial her friend’s cell number. After a few moments, Amanda finally answered.

“I’m outside, where are you?”

Amanda was screaming on the other end, and she hoped it was directed at the boys she had been with.

“I’m just climbing out of one of the basement windows, I’ll be there soon. Are you out front?”

“Yeah, we are right out front. Hard to miss.”

A click signaled the end of the call, and a few minutes later Amanda emerged from the abandoned building, waving her arms so that they could see her.

When she got into the car, no one spoke. Amanda seemed spooked, and she didn’t explain what had happened inside. Krissy wanted to tell her friend what she and her boyfriend had seen in the road, but she thought better of it.

The image was burned into her, and no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t shake it. It was terrifying, and yet something else that she couldn’t explain, some other emotion that she just could place. She hoped she could sleep that night once the storm passed.


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