May’s Writing Challenge: Day 24

Only a week left! So stoked! It hasn’t gone exactly as planned, and there were days that I definitely did not get my writing done, but I’d say that I had a pretty damn good reason not to. I think I’ve been doing alright given the circumstances, especially seeing as I finished one of my novels this month and worked on a book full of prompts for all of you. And the month isn’t over yet. So much still left to do!

Anyway, here is what I wrote today for the challenge. Slightly how I’m feeling about this insane heat wave we’ve been having, but I can’t say I’m complaining. It may be hot, but it’s been gorgeous here in the far north, and I wouldn’t change it.

 The sand scorched under her feet, and she wondered how hot it had gotten. It wasn’t a problem for her. She loved the heat. But the sun was almost to much in its intensity, and she wished she had some shade to hide behind, even if only for a few minutes.

There was no one else in sight, and she had been on her own for quite some time, having left the road hours before to be alone with her thoughts. She found it calming to be alone, and even more so when she was not surrounded by buildings or traffic or roads.

This was how she liked it. No one else for miles, no signs of civilization, nothing to distract from her time to herself.

She was alone. Really, truly alone. And it was paradise. The hot sand underfoot was comforting in the strangest of ways, and despite the sweat that dripped down her skin, drenching her and making her hair stick to the back of her neck, she was happy.

She was content in ways that most other people would probably never understand. People were too attached to their belongings, their cell phones and cars, their electronics and everything they had that could make their lives easier. They would never know what real silence was like, the kind that didn’t have the incessant hum of electricity in the background.

Most people would never know what she knew. This, dear reader, was what freedom felt like.


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