May’s Writing Challenge: Day 26

Closer and closer to the end of the month… And then I feel like I will be losing something because the challenge is over. I’m not sure about any of you, but I may be starting another challenge for June, or soon after. Maybe I’ll write a book in two weeks or something. Something different from what I’ve been doing this month. I just feel like this challenge has helped me so much. It makes me get some writing done every day, even if it’s only a few hundred words. Plus by doing it, i felt way more motivated to finish my novel – which I did!

Anyway, yeah, think I may do another challenge soon after this one ends. I miss writing this much, and it’s been amazing doing it this often again.

On that note, here’s the post for today. I figured it was time he spoke to all of you himself.

Dear Reader,
Many of you have become somewhat familiar with me over the last several months. My name is Julian. You will be seeing a lot of me in the future, and hearing a lot about my past. My life has not been pleasant, and it mot definitely is not a read for the faint of heart. I wish I could tell you that it was all sunshine, but it was mostly darkness.

Why am I warning you of this? Because the first part of my story will be available for all of you to read in the winter of this year. I do not want anyone being shocked by how dark my story is. It may not be the darkest thing you will ever read, but it’s my life, and I can tell you it was Hell. And I do mean that both figuratively and literally.

It will disturb a lot of you, I am sure. This is not my intention. My intention is to share my experiences with people int he hopes that maybe my story can help someone with their own circumstances, even if only a little. Maybe some of you will relate to my story more than I know, although probably not as a result of being exactly like my situation. It would be hard to see any human going through what I have gone through.

It is in no way my intention to disturb you in any way, I merely think that it would be slightly twisted for anyone to not think that some of the things that happened to me were okay in any way.

Now, dear reader, I am putting a call out to you. Do you have any questions about me that you would like me to answer? Is there something you would like to know? If so, feel free to comment on this post with your question. I will answer accordingly, and if there are enough questions, I will write an entire post for you to answer those questions.

Until then, please stay safe. It’s a cruel world out there, but there are plenty of happy moments waiting when you least expect them.



2 thoughts on “May’s Writing Challenge: Day 26

  1. emeryhainsworth says:

    I know this may seem absolutely stupid, going back so far just to ask you a small question. Is there really a purpose in all of us? Do we all have a meaning in life? I mean surely there has to be something right? Our family and friends…are they just figments of our imagination? Then again are we all just figments of someone else’s imagination? I mean, we are just figments of our writers imaginations after all. I feel like I’m just digging for deeper answers that have no end. Between two characters….any advice for a young soul such as myself? Then again I won’t be offended if I never hear from you. ~ All the best, Taeo

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