Fund My Series?

Hey everyone, this is one I’ve been fighting with myself over for a while now. I don’t like asking for money. At all. I hate asking for help in general. But this is different. This is something that will benefit me and my books, but you also get something out of it.

I’ve set up a campaign on Indiegogo to help raise the funds to make this book happen. The first draft is done, and I’m already working on getting it proofread and tweaked as needed, but it still needs a lot more pushing to make it as good as I hope to. Unfortunately, that means a lot more money than I can readily afford, especially after spending so much on vet bills for my cat this month.

If any of your could help out, it would be absolutely amazing of you, and there are some great things you can get in return for your contribution to the cause. The perks are all listed on the campaign page, so if you want to check it and maybe help out a bit, I would be eternally grateful.

Click on this link right here ==> Between Love and Death on Indiegogo <== to get to the campaign page.

Thanks again to anyone who helps, this is a huge thing for me, and I would love to have this book ready for release by the time this fall rolls around.


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