20 Writing Prompts – June 2015

Here’s your list of prompts for this month! 20 random things once more. Do with them what you will, but I hope someone out there finds them useful in helping get some words on paper or screen. So here they are!

  1. Write the story of how you met your best friend.
  2. A bear follows you home from a hike.
  3. A bomb goes off in the center of your town/city and all roads in and out are closed until further notice.
  4. Write about the feeling you get when you see an old friend from your childhood who you haven’t seen in years.
  5. “I haven’t told anyone this before…”
  6. Your protagonist stumbles upon a crashed UFO with a life form inside who still seems to be breathing.
  7. You are part of a race who believes that each person must find their twin flame or live their life alone.
  8. A family heirloom is passed on to you, but it comes with a dark secret.
  9. Write a story in which everything changes in a split second.
  10. Your protagonist has just lost someone they loved more than they ever told that person.
  11. You live in a society in which are forced to choose between living homeless in the streets and living in the woods in the middle of nowhere if you do not finish your schooling with honours or marry up by the time you graduate high school.
  12. Write a story in which a tree plays a key role.
  13. You are approached by someone who tells you that you are to be general for an upcoming war that begins in two weeks. You’ve never had any training and have never fought in your life.
  14. Your crush asks you to prom. How does he/she do it?
  15. Make up a magic potion.
  16. You find a baby dragon in the woods behind your house.
  17. Write about your spirit animal and how you found it.
  18. Write a children’s story that begins with “Once upon a time…”
  19. Create an inspirational quote about love.
  20. “Suddenly it moved…”

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