One Line Story #9


Another one line story for all of you, seeing as it’s been a few days. I still have a bunch of these I need to share with all of you, I just don’t want to dump them all at once. For now you can enjoy this one and contemplate what else I might be writing about.

I’m in the process of getting set up to write book 2 of my series, as well as planning another book that’s sort of a side story from the series. With that said, a lot of these one line stories may end up having something to do with what’s going on in my head involving my series, as it’s been nearly impossible to stop thinking about the books lately. Plus all of my art has revolved around the Love and Death series as well, so it’s just the only thing going on here on my end and will probably stay that way until I can get more done with it all.

PS, I’m currently running a campaign to help raise money to publish the first book of my series! Please take a look at the campaign page here ==> Between Love and Death <== and help out if you can, even if it’s just sharing the link on your own space. Thanks!


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