One Line Story #16


Slight metaphor for how I’m feeling right now? Maybe. A hint at what I’m writing for book 2 of my series? Possibly. I’ve had this line stuck in my head for three days already, and I figured it was time to release it out into the world.

PS, I’m currently running a campaign to help raise money to publish the first book of my series! Please take a look at the campaign page here ==> Between Love and Death <== and help out if you can, even if it’s just sharing the link on your own space. Thanks!


4 thoughts on “One Line Story #16

  1. J. McSpadden says:

    I love when you have a line that you just can’t get out of your head. It plays on repeat screaming, “LET ME OUT, I NEED TO BE SHARED!” I invertently scream back, “No you tard monkey, I am not ready to share your awesomeness with the world yet!” Writing is such sweet wonderful mental torture.

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