One Line Story #22


I’ve been pretty absent here in the last few days, and I’m sorry  for that. I helped bake for and host a cupcake party last night, and it took us a couple of days just to get the baking and decorating done and to set up for it, plus all of the tweaking of recipes and whatnot. Just a lot of work. And it was so physically exhausting that I wanted nothing more than to sleep, because no matter how hard I tried last night, I couldn’t squeeze out more than a few hundred words, and that was just to answer a comment someone wrote me sometime yesterday when I was too busy to check my notifications.

Basically, I’ve been too busy for anything, including eating, for a few days, and today is my first day to just chill out and relax and maybe actually get some writing done. And then I got news ten minutes after waking up that I’ve been approved for something here in town that I’ve been super excited and nervous about, so I’ve had that occupying my mind all day when I could have been writing. There’s always something. Thankfully, my life is starting to feel a bit more organized once again (I know I say that a lot. It’s true, even if it’s slow.), so I’ll be back to posting more long entries soon, as well as sharing some news very soon, possibly as early as tomorrow. I’m just waiting for an email to come in with some more info, then I’ll feel better about announcing it to the world. (Don’t get too excited, it’s nothing huge, it’s just something exciting for me. For anyone who may have jumped to the conclusion that I’m getting published or something, nice try, but that’s only happening if I’m self-publishing for now.)

BUT! If you haven’t checked it out already, I’ve gotten some character descriptions up on this blog! They can be accessed through the Love and Death page. You can read a short description of the main guys involved in book 1, Between Love and Death, as well as see what they look like and check out their fact sheets. It’s still being worked on, so there will be more added later on, and some pages are still incomplete, but they should be done fairly soon. It’s mostly a matter of getting some more drawings done of the guys and making some time to write up the info for the pages. There’s also a synopsis for book 1, as well as a short synopsis for the second book in the series, Silver and Gold.

Go check it all out! You know you want to. 😉


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