One Line Story #24


I was thinking about a tattoo I plan on getting in the future, and this came to mind. That probably doesn’t make a lot of sense without knowing what the tattoo is, but whatever. It makes sense to me. I’d rather not announce my tattoo ideas online. I’m one of those weird people who refuses to have the same tattoo as people if at all possible to avoid it, so I don’t like telling everyone what I’m planning to put permanently on my body.

For anyone who keeps up with my posts, you’ll see that I write about gods and angels and demons a lot. That’s always been my thing, so be prepared to see a lot of it. I do write other things, but that’s my safe place where I feel at home. Sometimes these little one liners are actually about the same characters more than once. Sometimes they’re even about the characters in my novels. I like to use these stories as a way of not only exploring my characters and their lives and back stories, but of leaving hints for you, the reader, to maybe help you understand those characters a little better.

I’ll be nice this time around and just tell you a little bit. The black beast and the girl are both gods. And you will be seeing more of them as time goes on. Both may show up in my novel series at some point, although even if they do, it won’t be for a while. I’m dying to paint them together, honestly, and that will probably happen before I ever write anything substantial about the two. If that happens, you can check it out on my art blog here. I’ll be using it more in the coming months as I’ve got a bunch of art I’m planning on getting done.


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