Long Days…

There are really not enough hours in the day for me lately. With my art and writing, along with the businesses I’m running to actually get my bills paid, I feel like I have no time. Yes, I could take a break from my art or something, but I can’t. I need my art. It helps keep me sane. I needed it so badly yesterday that I lost track of time while I worked on colouring a single drawing, and ended up finishing it entirely – at about 4:30 am. This was a drawing I was actually planning on finishing up today because it was so detailed, and because I knew it was going to take so long to do.

So much for that. But hey, at least it’s done now? Although I had a terrible sleep, and now I feel like I have absolutely no motivation to get anything done today, despite a whole laundry list of things I need to get done. I’m hoping that once August is over things will calm down more with how busy I’ve been.

It’s a happy busy, don’t get me wrong. I enjoy doing the things I do. It’s just exhausting with how much there is that needs to be done. Why does so much need to be done? Well, dear reader, this is the exciting part. That thing I mentioned a few days ago that is super exciting for me, even if it’s no big deal to anyone else.

I’m selling at the local comic book convention this year. Prints and original drawings, as well as latex cosplay items. Yes, this is something that I find really exciting. I’ve never set up anywhere to sell my art. I’ve never really tried very hard to get my art out there, mostly because I’ve only ever done it for myself and my friends. Sure, I’ve posted it online, but I’ve never really pushed it, if that makes sense.

What does this mean for me? It means creating more art than I normally would in just over a month. quite a bit more. I generally do anywhere from 1-4 pieces a month, and right now I think I’ve got about 15 to do. Some will be easier to do, others not so much. The one I finished last night didn’t take as long as I had planned for it to take, but it still took me about 13 hours from start to finish. It’s also way more detailed than what I normally do. And jut to make it easier for you to understand how detailed it could be, I figured I’d just show you a detail of the drawing.


©Kimberley Crawford

That’s only maybe a third of the entire drawing. And it’s just a picture I took on my phone, so it doesn’t show all of the details very clearly. Every tattoo individually drawn and coloured, all those details planned out. It takes forever. This drawing, by the way, is 11×14 inches. It’s not huge, but it’s bigger than your typical printer paper. And I have a few more of that size I need to get done before the convention, as well as all of my normal writing, and three cosplay costumes for my friend to wear.

Always busy, I swear…

I think that’s enough rambling for today. If I can make enough time between other projects today, I’ll post a one line story in a few hours or so. Maybe sooner, maybe not until tomorrow. We’ll see how today plays out. Hopefully I can check a few things off of my list before dinnertime so I can feel even a little more accomplished than I do right now.


17 thoughts on “Long Days…

  1. orangepondconnects says:

    Your artwork is very beautiful 🙂 I can draw landscapes and animals, but I’m horrible when it comes to drawing people.

  2. Laurie Welch says:

    Congratulations for being willing to get yourself out there with your art. This is a beautiful part of a beautiful piece and I wish you very well as the weeks roll by!

    • Kimberley Crawford says:

      I do believe that! Don’t get me wrong, I love doing quick sketches and more anime-like stuff, but these more detailed pieces can take me up to 40 hours each, which is why I don’t get a whole lot of them done in a typical month.

      • The Uhm says:

        I just mentioned that to somebody today. Or something similar. I told the guy a person might have a handful of masterpieces and many great to good pieces.

      • Kimberley Crawford says:

        Yeah, the more detailed things are super time-consuming, so I try to do some simpler pieces between them as a sort of break. That way I feel like I’m actually still getting something done, and it’s not taking forever for each and every piece.

      • The Uhm says:

        Touche. I totally agree with you there. Sometimes the smaller pieces are better. I write little 4 stanza things poems to keep the brain fresh

      • Kimberley Crawford says:

        I do that with my one line stories. I try to do at least one a day, usually several, but it helps me gets some thoughts down without having to write a chapter of a book instead. Generally with my art I’m happier with the bigger ones that take longer, but sometimes I spend over 20 hours on a piece and realize it’s nothing like what I had in mind. For me, I think, it’s just a matter of how invested in the piece I am, whether it’s big or small. If I’m forcing it, it’s never quite as good as something that’s gnawing at me trying to get out.

      • Kimberley Crawford says:

        It’s helpful to me, but it’s never quite the same quality writing as when there’s a scene in my head begging to get out. I always force myself to write in order to get projects done, but I find the sections I force are usually the ones that need the most editing.

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